District Election Campaign - Thursday 2nd May Polling Day!

"Over the last twelve years, local Conservatives have made South Norfolk one of the highest performing councils in the whole country with an award-winning record that is recognised across the nation.  It doesn’t happen by itself.  Our dedicated team of councillors make sure public money is spent as if it were their own and the result is that residents enjoy the best quality of life in East Anglia. The Halifax Bank ranks our Quality of Life as the amongst the best in East Anglia and MORI polling ranks resident satisfaction with South Norfolk the highest in the County at 94%. We must be doing something right!

 Our Council does so much more than collect the bins. We are there to pick up the pieces when things go wrong whether it is addressing homelessness, changing a light bulb for an elderly pensioner or helping fund a deposit for a rented home for a young couple with little savings.  We help people of all ages make the most of their lives with leisure & fitness opportunities to promote active healthy lifestyles. We cherish our shared environment by protecting landscapes, conservation areas and demanding the highest quality of design and energy efficiency from new developments.

We reinvest all our income to provide the best quality services at a price you can afford, whilst making sure that those in need get the support they require promptly and efficiently.  As a result of our efforts rises in Council Tax over the last twelve years are two thirds less than inflation, putting hundreds of pounds in your pocket.

 This is a local election, fought on local issues by local people who are focused on solving local problems one family at a time, one street at a time and one place at a time right here in all the 120 parishes in South Norfolk.

We strive to keep our promises to you and we hope we have earned your trust and you will entrust us to run South Norfolk Council for the next four years. In changing times, we need an experienced team at South Norfolk with a track record of sustaining local services.

We are proud of what we have achieved together.  Electing a council is a serious business. Staying at home or casting a protest vote could cost you dear.

So, vote Conservative on Thursday May 2nd."


John Fuller

Leader, South Norfolk Council