Early Help Hub - Our approach

Good news that the chancellor’s Autumn Budget announced the much-needed additional funding for the Disabled Facilities Grant alongside extra funding for adult social care.

Disabled Facilities Grant have allowed districts to make life-enhancing adaptations to housing, ensuring they meet our vulnerable residents’ needs, reducing admissions and facilitating earlier discharges from hospital.

Last year, South Norfolk DC we provided 181 of these grants which (by using the New Economy Manchester cost-saving calculator) potentially saved over £1.2M of adult social care home care packages and reduced demands on health service

In South Norfolk, we have combined our approach to DFGs within our early help model. Our model works collaboratively with our partners to develop a whole-system approach to support our residents at the earliest opportunity. Over 80% of residents who access our early help services only require a single referral to meet their needs. Not only does this support our residents by making a positive difference in their lives, it also reduces the cost to the public purse by decreasing further referrals to other services.

Working together, districts can secure additional powers and funding to provide a step-change in improving outcomes for our most vulnerable residents.

Adult social care is vital – but as districts we have a supportive role that prevents or delays residents requiring expensive packages of care.