Jaan Larner - he'll work hard for Chedgrave and Thurton

Jaan Larner was elected to represent Chedgrave & Thurton in the by election held on 24th September 2015.

He will get things done for local people in the villages of Ashby St Mary ♦ Carleton St Peter ♦ Chedgrave ♦ Claxton ♦ Langley with Hardley ♦ Thurton

Born overseas to a family with deep Norfolk roots, Jaan grew up in Norwich from a young age and went to local schools. After studying in Exeter and York, he worked in London and overseas for several years, before returning to Norfolk.

More recently Jaan has studied at Oxford University, where he gained an MBA business qualification and has since founded several businesses.

He now practices as a Consultant Solicitor, specialising in helping local companies expand and to take on more staff to support the local economy. He has written and sucessfully published a number of books.

In his spare time, Jaan enjoys endurance sports, completing his first Ironman Triathlon in 2012. Jaan has served in the Royal Naval Reserve, and has a love for the Broads and is passionate about supporting the unique culture of this part of Norfolk.

Jaan is a local man with a track record of public service with the time, expertise and commitment to make life better for the residents of Chedgrave & Thurton Ward.