Konnect Buses Update!

Good news - our colleagues at Norfolk Country Council have been working hard with Konnect Bus to bring about some changes to the proposed route amendments:

Route 87 Broome. Two journeys have been included to enable passengers to get to work/college in Norwich, the 0820 arrival in Norwich and the 1745 from Norwich will both serve the village!

Route 84 Stoke Holy Cross and Upper Stoke. Route 84 (Harleston - Shotesham - Stoke Holy Cross - Norwich) will be re-routed at Shotesham, the new route will be Shotesham - Poringland - Upper Stoke - Stoke Holy Cross - Caistor St Edmund - Norwich.

(The frequency of this route is lower than what passengers have been used to, however the timetable reflects the past demand and available funding.)  

And also, journeys between Trowse and Stoke Holy Cross with Framingham Earl High School will remain with Konectbus. 


Click here to see more information and to Have Your Say about proposed timetable changes: KB https://www.konectbus.co.uk/news/