South Norfolk Council Tax frozen for seven years

Over the last eight years in the teeth of the toughest recession for over 80 years, local Conservatives have run your Council better.

We’ve frozen council tax on seven occasions yet have improved the service we deliver to you, increased our reserves, reinvested  millions in services to run more efficiently and awarded hundreds of grants to community volunteer groups that directly improve your quality of life.

As a result of our efforts Council Tax is about a quarter less in real terms than inflation keeping more money in your pocket.

It hasn’t happened by itself.

Throughout this period we have never forgotten our responsibility to ensure that those that need the Council’s help the most are provided for.

The Halifax Bank ranks our Quality of Life as the best in East Anglia and recent MORI polling ranks resident satisfaction with South Norfolk at 94%, the highest in the County. We must be doing something right.

Freezing council tax isn’t a gimmick that we wheel-out for the election – it’s something that we strive to achieve every year and by keeping our promises to you we hope we’ve earned your trust and you will entrust us to run South Norfolk Council for the next four years.  We need an experienced team at South Norfolk with a track record of sustaining local services in tough times.

We’re proud of what we’ve achieved together.  Electing a council is a serious business.  Staying at home or casting a protest vote could cost you dear. So vote Conservative on May 7th 2015.