Richard Bacon

Richard Bacon MP for South Norfolk

Richard Bacon was first elected as Member of Parliament for South Norfolk in 2001. Since then he has been an active constituency MP and has been re-elected three times to represent the South Norfolk constituency, each time with an increased majority.

Lorne Green

Lorne has served for thirty years as a diplomat in some of the most troubled parts of the world including in war zones in Europe and South Asia.He was in charge of the Canadian Embassy in the former Yugoslavia during a period of conflict in the 1990s and previously served in Pakistan during a war with India. When he retired from the diplomatic service he became Secretary General of the World Nuclear Transport Institute in London for a further eleven years.

Kevin Worsley

District councillor - Long Stratton - Twitter @stattontories
He gets things done in Long Stratton, Wacton, Tharston and Hapton.

Keith Kiddie

KEITH KIDDIE County Councillor




John Overton

District councillor - Poringland and The Framinghams ward
He gets things done in the parishes of Poringland • Framingham Pigot • Framingham Earl

Tony Palmer

District councillor - Diss ward
He gets things done in Diss

Leslie Dale

District councillor - Hethersett ward
He gets things done in Hethersett.

Barry Stone

District councillor - Bressingham and Burstone ward
He’ll get things done in Bressingham & Burston ward, standing up for the parishes of Bressingham • Burston and Shimpling • Gissing • Heywood • Shelfanger • Winfarthing

Charles Easton

He’ll get things done for the parishes of Aslacton • Bunwell • Carleton Rode • Tibenham